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The Alter Properties blog acts as an informational timeline consisting of some of the best works of architecture from around the world. It is a testament to human creativity, good design practices and an inspiration to the rest of us

The Acropolis Museum is essentially a dedicationto the Parthenon and its nearby temples.Thisis why itisregardedas one of themostsignificantmuseums in the world.The structureisskillfully settled abovethe city ofAthens like a glowingvessel.The new Acropolis Museum has atotal area of 25,000 square meters, with exhibition space of over 14,000 square meters.Thetallglass panelstakein thepanoramiccityscape ofAthens, making it a trulydistinctiveexperience.The institution […]

TheLouvre Abu Dhabiisa landmarkArabmuseum thatis designed toencompassaphilosophyof opennessand celebration ofhumanity.It isthe premier cultural institution of the SaadiyatCultural Districtand the region at large.Artenthusiastsget to experience impressivehistorical,cultural and sociologicalartifactsfromaround the world. Designed by architect Jean Nouvel,the“NewLouvre”or“Louvre in the Sands”encompasses 9,200 sq. m ofspace with aPermanent Galleryand aTransientGallery thatiscontinuallyenriched byothernotablemuseumssuch as the novelMusee du Louvrein Paris, Musee d’Orsay […]

Apple’s new neo-futurism Apple Park HQ acts as additional design statement from the company that has managed to differentiate itself as the epitome of tech design and aesthetics. The building is located at One Apple Park Way in Cuper tino, California. Its circular spaceship like design is the brainchild of Norman Foster, of Foster + Partners, one the world’s most prominent design firms. This is why it probably has a resemblance with the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters. Jony Ive,Apple's former chief designer,was also highly involved working with Norman Foster for five years to


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